The Point Of View May Be New To You

Graham had reached rock bottom. From an outside perspective, you’d never know it. But Graham had pulled himself up from a very low place years ago, and vowed never to be that low again. When you reach a certain level of success, you never want to reach true rock bottom again.

Success is a Choice

When it comes down to it, it’s all up to you. You can start the day doing something you love, spring out of bed, and be ready to go. Or you can keep trudging along. Jason Kotecki does an amazing job of helping folks break out of “Adultitis” through his cartoons, writing, speaking, and other… Continue reading Success is a Choice

The Only Time You Can Start Is Now

One of the things I’m constantly telling folks is to stop wasting right-nows, waiting for someday. The other thing is that there’s no best time to make a go at doing your own thing, only right now. What can you do to get ready to fly?

The Power of Ignorance

Sometimes it’s good not to know stuff. To be unaware of how “things are done.” Take the coach who decided to get into podcasting. He thought it would be a great income stream, so he learned how to do it, and put together a podcast. Then he charged 30 bucks a month to subscribe.