Success is a Choice

When it comes down to it, it’s all up to you. You can start the day doing something you love, spring out of bed, and be ready to go. Or you can keep trudging along. Jason Kotecki does an amazing job of helping folks break out of “Adultitis” through his cartoons, writing, speaking, and other… Continue reading Success is a Choice

The Only Time You Can Start Is Now

One of the things I’m constantly telling folks is to stop wasting right-nows, waiting for someday. The other thing is that there’s no best time to make a go at doing your own thing, only right now. What can you do to get ready to fly?

Acceptance Is Not the Same as Accepting Your Fate

“Only by acceptance of the past, can you alter it.” ~ T.S. Eliot Before you can move forward, you have to accept where you are. This seems like common sense, but is often missed. Accepting where you are so you can begin the next leg of your journey doesn’t mean you accept your fate.

Eternal Playlist of the Successful Mind

What does it feel like to be successful? There have been numerous times throughout your life when you’ve been successful. Each success helps fuel the next one. Just like the act of wallowing in your setbacks will throw you into deeper apathy, basking in the glory of success energizes you.