The Power of Ignorance

Sometimes it’s good not to know stuff. To be unaware of how “things are done.” Take the coach who decided to get into podcasting. He thought it would be a great income stream, so he learned how to do it, and put together a podcast. Then he charged 30 bucks a month to subscribe.

Use the Crap to Keep Your Fire Burning

I learned a lesson from Survivorman that he probably never intended to teach. Not to be confused with that other guy, Les Stroud is dropped off alone, in the middle of nowhere, and has to survive on his own for 7 days. Plus he’s funny. He even carries his own camera equipment.

How I Gained an Hour a Day by Ditching My Productivity Tools

It happened in one of those melon slapping moments — a proverbial Archimedes streaking flash of insight: I was wasting an hour a day trying to be more productive. Minimalist Productivity Thanks to Mark Shead’s interview series, I was forced to examine some time-wasters for my contribution. A couple of days later, my real time-waster… Continue reading How I Gained an Hour a Day by Ditching My Productivity Tools

Two Tiny Tools Too Terrific To Live Without

You know what I love — besides a chance to use alliteration? Really useful tools. Because of the projects I’m working on, I’m spending more time working in Windows, and less in Linux. That’s fine, for now. It’s the reason I dual boot.