Acceptance Is Not the Same as Accepting Your Fate

“Only by acceptance of the past, can you alter it.” ~ T.S. Eliot Before you can move forward, you have to accept where you are. This seems like common sense, but is often missed. Accepting where you are so you can begin the next leg of your journey doesn’t mean you accept your fate.

Finding Your Way Through the Maze to Success

I loved doing mazes as a kid. When it comes to solving mazes, there are several strategies. Two of the most common are working backwards and the turning point. The interesting thing is they work just as well as a success strategies for life, as they do for solving mazes.

Use the Crap to Keep Your Fire Burning

I learned a lesson from Survivorman that he probably never intended to teach. Not to be confused with that other guy, Les Stroud is dropped off alone, in the middle of nowhere, and has to survive on his own for 7 days. Plus he’s funny. He even carries his own camera equipment.

Eternal Playlist of the Successful Mind

What does it feel like to be successful? There have been numerous times throughout your life when you’ve been successful. Each success helps fuel the next one. Just like the act of wallowing in your setbacks will throw you into deeper apathy, basking in the glory of success energizes you.