Only You Can Write Your Life’s Coming Attractions

previewsYou’re sitting low in the chair with a big box of popcorn, some Goobers, and a giant Dr. Pepper. The house lights dim, and the screen flickers. The “…preview approved for all audiences…” message flashes, and then the screen goes dark. A booming voice begins… “Coming in 2007 to a life near you – and this time it’s personal.

Every day we write the screenplay of our lives. As you imagine the coming attractions and the previews for your upcoming year, what do the stories tell? Like a good screenwriter and director, you have the option for rewrites, to make changes that will positively impact your story…

Scene 1: Breakfast

You’ve just received the memo that beginning in 2007, the Friday bagels in the break room will be day-old, to cut costs. Management feels that an incentive like break room bagels for Friday breakfast is important for office moral. But they have to cut costs. Bagels aren’t really considered fresh once they leave the store anyway, right?

The Rewrite

It’s 8:00 and the kids are off to school. You have a 9:30 conference call, so you take the extra time to whip yourself up one of your famous hot-n-spicy Western omelets. No in-person meetings today, so you’ve decided to “robe-it” all day. You grab another cup of coffee and sit down to plan out your strategy for your new account…

Scene 2: Lunch

Jimmy, the latest in a long line of “interim” managers, decides a working lunch would help get the team on track. As he drones on about “paradigms” (calling them PARA-di-Gums) you seriously consider taking his PDA with the laser pointer attachment and tossing it out the window. Or maybe eating it, since it would probably taste better than the “lunch” they had brought in from the cafeteria…

The Rewrite

You’re sitting across from your most important client. He laughs at all your jokes and looks at you like you’re the smartest person in the world. You’ve had a productive morning, and this lunch is perfect. The setting – your breakfast nook. The cuisine – peanut butter and jelly with a side of apple sauce. The client – your four-year old…

Writing Your Coming Attractions

As you preview your 2007 coming attractions, how will you write your story? You are the screenwriter and the director of your life. How you want your story to unfold is your decision.

As the year winds down, reflect on the movie thus far. Would you give it 5 stars? Take charge of your story and call for a rewrite. You’re the director – it’s your call.

This post is part of the ProBlogger Group Writing Project. Lot’s of great contributions to make for some interesting holiday reading.


  1. I have one of those 4 year old clients, too. Today my client decided we needed an off-site meeting at the Dr. office. Luckily, the boss (me) approved the meeting and we are hoping for a much more productive day tomorrow (meaning that client goes to preschool).

  2. Char – I have one of those off-sites scheduled for tomorrow. Has this been an awful cold and flu season (already) or what? Every kid I know is drippy and coughing. Glad I stocked up on the Zicam.

    Briana – Thanks, that’s one of my favorite compliments. One of my main goals is to inspire others, so it’s nice to hear that it’s working. 🙂

    Your spray painting video rocks, BTW! I did a few “unauthorized” murals back in the day, so I know how fun a medium it is.

  3. I don’t have kids but enjoy reading your blog as a fellow work-from-home-er. I especially liked this post and the idea that I am my director!

  4. I thorougly enjoyed this post. You are absolutely right, we are the ones that make our life what it is.
    Very entertaining.


  5. Thanks, everyone for the kind words. Darren always gets some terrific entries in his group projects.

    Sarah – I’ve always liked the director analogy, too. It’s a great way to view how much control and influence we actually have on our own lives.

    Mama Duck – I know what you mean. That’s such a great age (my 3rd is almost 2) and they can be lots of help in the office ;). I loved your entry.

    Ashish – I’m glad you enjoyed the humor. Most things are WAY too serious these days. I saw your post earlier from MyBlogLog. I like how you covered everything.

    Leo – That choice is a key element of success, and life in general. BTW – Congrats on the novel. Most folks never get past wanting to be a writer, to actually do the work to become one.

  6. Well, who knew that when your youngest is 18, you might still be covered with toothpaste when you head out for your first biz appointment of the day. Or that when the cute UPS guy shows up, you’d have to meet him at the door in your ugly robe.

    Habits created when working around your kids live on after they have left the nest.

    P.S. Found your blog by participating in the ProBlogger Group Writing Project. Love it!


  7. Katie – Thanks for stopping by. That’s funny, I hear that a lot. One guy I know kept the same schedule that was structured around his kids leaving for and coming home from school. His kids had been away at college for a month before he realized it.

  8. How’s your 4 year old feeling? Mine ended up with strep and has been out of school all week. She is feeling a bit better today – at least she has her creativity back.

  9. Char – It turned out to just be a cold, thankfully. Sorry to hear about your little one. Glad she’s feeling better. It’s always a good sign when they start feeling creative again.

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