Are You Ready to Work from Home?

Wendy over at eMoms at Home has a wonderful post entitled 10 Signs that You are Ready to Start a Home Based Business. She highlights one of the many joys of being a work at home parent:

It’s days like today that I am MOST happy, thrilled and excited about the fact that I decided to run my own home-based business again. It’s been years since I was able to go to my kids’ Halloween parade at school. And I’m so excited for the rest of the holidays throughout the end of the year – I haven’t been able to bake cookies, do early Christmas shopping, or host Thanksgiving in years as well.

info-guyShe goes on to outline the 10 signs, including “You have a dream that has become an obsession,” and one of my favorites “You are getting little hints from the universe that it is time to put up or shut up.”

There comes a point where you just can’t deny it anymore. You’ve reached a stage where you are willing to do what it takes to make a go at living your dream. When you get there, it’s amazing how things seem to fall into place. You’ll know at a gut level if what you’re doing, or about to do, is in line with your dreams and values. You’ll also start noticing how opportunities start to flood in.

Though following your passion is hard work, it’s not hard. That may seem like a paradox, but it really isn’t. Going to bed exhausted at the end of the day, but wonderfully fulfilled and proud of what you’re accomplishing, is entirely different then just going to bed exhausted.

Are you ready…?

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  1. Thanks for the link, Tony! I really enjoyed writing this one – and I’m sure you could see some of yourself in the list too. Your blog is looking great and I see you’re getting a good number of readers. Keep up the great work!! 🙂

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