5 Things to Trump Your Fear

monsterJanet was tired of being afraid. She may not have made the best choices in her life, but she was no longer going to allow fear to dictate her future. The minute Roger walked through that door, she was going to do it. She would tell him – she’s leaving.

“Good morning Janet.”

“Roger, I need to talk to you.”

“Well, give me a minute to get…”

“No, I’d really rather it be right now.”

“Okay, come into my office.”

As Janet got up from her desk, she grabbed the envelope containing her carefully written letter of resignation. Surprisingly, she no longer felt afraid…

This scenario is based on a real one – several real ones to be exact. One of the biggest hurdles to following your dreams and doing something you’re passionate about is fear. One of the only ways to overcome it is to find things that are more painful than your fears.

Tell Me Where it Hurts…

Fear keeps us in check and can often rule our choices. Fear comes from avoiding pain. So what’s more painful – living as you are now, or the unknowns of change?

Only you can answer that question.

Think of five things that you are experiencing right now because of your fears, which are actually more painful that what the fear is attempting to protect you against. Fear leverages your natural inclination to avoid painful experiences, so let’s turn the tables – reflect Medusa’s image back at her.

Come up with 5 things that trump your fears about pursuing your goals, things like:

  • No time for your family,
  • Job insecurity,
  • Hating what you do,
  • Mental and physical exhaustion, or
  • No financial security.

Use the power of fear against itself – mental aikido – and stop letting fear dictate your future.


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