It’s Not a Fear of Flying – It’s a Fear of Crashing

Fear of FlyingDid you ever make paper airplanes as a kid?

I remember one year where a group of friends and I spent weeks making planes and having competitions. We found a book on making paper airplanes in the class library, and for the next few weeks tried every version in the book. We’d make them during craft time, then test them and compete during recess.

Then there were the adventurous ones who tried to improve on the existing designs and craft our own. Tweaks here, folds there, a new wing style, adding paperclips or staples. Our goal was not just to win the competition, but to do it with our own designs. To surpass what had been done before.

Most of the kids didn’t want to compete with their tweaked version. They stuck with what worked. Others were willing to lose a few times to test out their plans, and almost always came back to be a consistent winner. That is, until someone copied their design and made it better.

In actuality, very few people have a fear of flying. It’s the fear of crashing and burning that’s the problem.

Entrepreneurs are more like test pilots than people flying on commercial airlines. There is always a risk – that’s part of the adventure. But there comes a time when you’ve done all the tests, and the only way to know if it will really fly is to take off.

Calculated risk becomes calculated reality.

Are you ready to fly…?