Interesting Finds – 2/22/2007

Fear of FlyingJust a way to share a random collection of interesting stuff I found this week…

Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends has an article over at Success Magazine on an interesting business strategy exercise – “Can You Describe Your Business Strategy in Two Words?

David Armano has a very cool story about the famous Red Swingline from one of my favorite movies, Office Space – “Red Staplers + Happy Accidents

Over at eMoms guest blogger Ponn Sabra has a great post for entrepreneur moms – “The Top 10 Mom Entrepreneur’s Empowerment Tips

Wayne Hurlbert has Jory Des Jardins as a guest on his Blog Business Success show. Jory’s thoughts on the solo entrepreneur life are always insightful and on the show tonight, she’ll discuss “Overcoming Solo Entrepreneurship Challenges.” (You should be able to grab it in the archive if you miss it live).


  1. Thanks for mentioning my interview on internet radio with Jory Des Jardins. She was insightful, informative, and entertaining as always. We had a lot of fun doing the interview, as you would expect from Jory. We discussed entrepreneurship, the BlogHer conference, and blogging among other topics.

    The entire interview is available for download as a podcast on iPod, MP3, or your computer. Jory’s interview is well worth the download and more than one listen.

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