Who’s Defining Your Model of Success?

Designing SuccessDid you ever play with Legos? Besides being one of the most painful things to step on in the middle of the night, they are an amazing toy for explorative play.

If you’ve played with them, or seen them in stores, you know that there are general kits, and the kits for building pre-defined models.

That’s similar to how our success models are formed. Some are pre-defined, and we just follow the instructions to put them together to match the picture on the box. Others are free-form, and of our own design.

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Is Fear Actually An Asset?

Is Fear Actually An Asset?Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear” ~ Mark Twain

My 2-year old likes to jump off of things. In fact, all my kids did about that age. Doesn’t matter how high it is, or what’s below, the jumping and the exhilaration far outweighs the threat of a bloody nose.

As we get older and more mature we outgrow that stuff. Sort of.

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What REALLY Drives You To Succeed?

what drives youTake a moment to imagine the single biggest thing that motivates you to succeed. If you want to be your own boss, start a company, work from home – what is the biggest driver of those desires?

  • Is it money? Status? Fame?
  • Do you want more time with your family?
  • What about security?
  • Do you love doing something so much that being able to do it for a living drives you?
  • Do you want to find a way to make passive income so you can pursue other work that may have less potential to generate income?
  • Do you need the autonomy of working for yourself?

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Your Perspective Changes Everything

hanging-guyJill unfolded her napkin and placed it in her lap. Kevin opened his briefcase, took out the document and handed it to Jill. As she glanced at it, her eyes began to fill with tears, and the waiter quickly changed direction, knowing that the couple at table 23 would need some time.

What just happened? Divorce papers, a letter of resignation, the final paperwork on a first home?

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Welcome to 2007

happy new yearWell, it’s a brand new year. Just out of the package. All sleek, shiny and new.

What do you plan to do with your shiny new year? I have an idea…

Let’s Start From Nothing and Work Our Way Up From There

I’ll tell you, right now I know nothing. Nothing. But that’s good, because that’s where I start from. When I know nothing, the possibilities are limitless.” – Agent Steve Hardcastle, Reno 911!

Each New Year is like a do-over. We’re starting from a new place. So welcome to 2007. The possibilities are limitless…