Welcome to 2007

happy new yearWell, it’s a brand new year. Just out of the package. All sleek, shiny and new.

What do you plan to do with your shiny new year? I have an idea…

Let’s Start From Nothing and Work Our Way Up From There

I’ll tell you, right now I know nothing. Nothing. But that’s good, because that’s where I start from. When I know nothing, the possibilities are limitless.” – Agent Steve Hardcastle, Reno 911!

Each New Year is like a do-over. We’re starting from a new place. So welcome to 2007. The possibilities are limitless…


  1. I like that – a “do-over”. I am not making any resolutions – I have yet to ever successfully follow one. My goals for this year are to keep learning and moving in a positive direction.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Char – Happy New Year to you too! I agree about the resolution thing — most are like empty promises. I love your goals though — great foundation to keep you focused.

  3. Happy New Year!

    I think that quote was powerful – humility plus spirit of learning are really two key ingredients of success.

    I wish you the best for 2007 Tony!

  4. Nestguy – I am a newbie here and I love your blog. There are a lot of good tips here for personal development.

    Like you said, each year is a fresh start – a celebration of the fact that we were alive all of last year ! My goal this year is to go back to school – a top-notch business school.

  5. Kian Ann – Happy New Year to you too. “…humility plus spirit of learning are really two key ingredients of success.” Terrific way to put it.

    Thanks, AK – That’s a great goal. Knowing what you want is half the battle. Most folks don’t even get that far. Best of luck in 2007!

  6. plus 1 for “let’s start from nothing”
    Embracing emptiness leaves us open to receiving everything.
    Stumbled here this morning via the MyBlogLog thingymajig – what a find! Brilliant blog Tony.

  7. Thanks, Nick – I’m finding a lot of great new blogs through MBL (including yours) and getting some new readers as well.

    Starting from now, with nothing, allows us to begin with a clean slate. It’s like every day – in fact every moment – is a do-over.

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