Passing the Time – Cube Farm Scavenger Hunt

Cube Farm Scavenger HuntWhen you’re ready to make the leap to working from home, but have to keep your day job, the absurdity that is Corporate America really starts to get to you. So I present “Pre-Liberation Survival Tools” for those waiting out their sentences, and counting the days to freedom.

Let No Stapler Go Unturned…

So you’ve planned out your escape. Your business is up and running in the evenings and weekends. To pass the time during the dreary day job, a rousing game of Cube Farm Scavenger Hunt might do the trick. To play…

  • The Cube Master (that’s you) strolls around and jots down 20 to 30 random items from various cubicles.
  • Copies of the list are made and handed out to your coworkers. Be sure not to include any goobers who might ruin your fun.
  • Then, throughout the day, the players attempt to find all the items. The key is to be sly. Remember you’re supposed to be working, not playing silly games. Work is serious, darn it!
  • The first one to find all the items wins. The prize should be determined by you – perhaps an extra stale bagel from the break room, or a warm Dr. Pepper from the vending machine. Let your imagination go wild!

Gleaming the Cube – Bonus Round

If there is a tie, or just for the heck of it, move on to the Gleaming the Cube Bonus Round. In honor of one of the best Christian Slater, Max Perlich, Tony Hawk, skateboard movies of all time, download a picture of Christian Slater from the Web and tack it up in a randomly selected cube. Then players attempt to locate the cube containing the pseudo-celebrity picture. Whoever finds it first, wins. (Though just the fact that you know what the heck “Gleaming the Cube” is makes you a winner.)

Remember, just because you have plans to move on to better things, doesn’t mean your days have to be boring. Use Pre-Liberation Survival Tools to make the time fly by.


  1. Shazzer – I’m guessing 1, maybe 2… πŸ™‚

    That’s why I suggested downloading one and tacking it up. It’s random enough that there wonÒ€ℒt be to many others to compete with, it references a movie with Tony Hawk as a pizza delivery guy, and it makes for a nice setup for a humorous play on words (which is the real reason πŸ˜‰ )

    Bonus Random Fact – Mike McGill was Slater’s skate-double.

  2. Cubicles….


    The only reason I still have a job, is because I have the best boss on earth, a great salary, an office, and I have the best team of software developers ever assembled anywhere on earth. πŸ™‚

    But when I look across the sea of cubes, i can’t keep the images of Brazil (the movie) from my mind.

    I feel so bad for these talented developers, stuck in these gray cubes. They deserve much better. We all do.

    As a child of the 80s…

    I think Christian Slater kicks A$$.

    Heathers is his best
    Pump up the Volume a close second.

  3. Steve – Sounds like you’re in a good place. That’s very cool. Oh, and thanks for bringing in the Brazil reference. Nice addition πŸ˜‰

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