If You Could Change One Thing about Your Life – What Would It Be?

bobSuddenly, from some random, unknown universe, a magical being appears and offers you a wish. Not in the genie and fairy godmother way, but a way to change your life. This being, who goes by the name Bob, and looks remarkably like Bill Murray, gives you 15 minutes to think on it. “If you could change one thing about your life – what would it be?”

Think about this question for a minute. You can only change one thing. It can be anything you want, but only one thing. You have 15 minutes to decide.

As Bob stands there scratching his chin and tapping his foot, your mind rolls over all the things you wish were different. The time ticks away and you start to feel the pressure and the weight of your decision. What if it’s the wrong one? What if you think of something better after? Should it just be something for you, or something that has a larger effect?

“Ding,” says Bob “Time’s up! Have you made your decision?”

It’s now or never, what did you decide to change?

Chances are you did settle on something. Though this is just a weird little thought experiment, I’ll bet you felt some anxiety about your decision. So now that you have one thing you’d change, are you still comfortable with it? Is it still the one thing you would like to change?

So what’s stopping you? Wanting to change is easy, deciding to change is hard. Sure no magical Bob is here to change it for you, but you have something more powerful – intent and action. If you have the deliberate intent to change something and just take some small action, it will change. Then once you have momentum, it does get easier. The difference is you must rely on yourself, and those around you who are willing to help out.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to give it a shot?


  1. Thanks, Tony, it only took me one second to realize that what I would ask for is to have all the internal obstacles to success that I set for myself be removed forever.

    I know I can change the world once “Bob” (my father’s name) takes that away!


    thanks for making me realize how petty what is holding me back is! I have been calling it my “nugget” that little tug-of-war team inside me, but I had never stripped it down to what it is so simply.

  2. Wonderful realization Jessica! I’m so glad my little thought experiment helped. Honestly, it’s why I do what I do. I love it when folks come to these amazing discoveries with just a few simple pointers.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You made my day!

  3. Hey Tony. I knew what it was right after reading the title. Problem is, if I quit my job I won’t be able to pay the rent. Living month to freakin’ month sucks. 🙁

    Anyhoo… I was wondering if you could tell me how you go about drawing your cartoons. Do you use a tablet?

  4. I know what you mean Jason – that’s the most common challenge I see with the folks I’ve worked with. The key there is to remember that they don’t own ALL of your time. Even if you only have 30 minutes or so a day to work on pursuing your right path, you will get there. But I know it can be an extremely frustrating journey.

    As for the cartoons, I draw them in pencil and ink, and then scan them in for coloring. Larger works (like the paintings on my Flickr account for instance) I do all analog – inks and paints on board (or walls, or bikes, or surfboards, etc.)

  5. That’s true. I often spend too much “free” time (time away from work) pursuing the things that matter and end up droopy at work… or I get one of those mid-week crashes. I also think I let comparisons get to me, for instance when I look to my right and see that that guys path is so much shorter than mine. And the guy on the left is having his path paved over in gold. Bastards 🙂

    I love the cartoons for each post… what’s your Flickr name? I don’t see it in your about section.

  6. That can be frustrating, Jason. But it sounds like you’re moving in the right direction. If you are using your passion and talents to provide value, you will be successful. I’ve yet to see that NOT happen.

    My Flickr account is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonydclark/. I haven’t added it to my about page because I only have a few pics up there. I still have a lot more to photograph or scan and put up.

  7. If i opened a magical door and what I would like to see through it if the choice was mine to change my life???

    I have no idea….first i thought finish UNI…..but then i decided about whether i should have a dog….but then i thought about being a teacher….but then I realised how many times i used the word “I”……i am so indecisive.

    How am i going to cope with my indeciveness when in real life you don’t have a zillion hours tracing through thoughts about one simple answer…..like what burger to get and Mackers….I usually stare at the sign for quite some time before deciding…

  8. hmmm…what would i like…well i would like………….a…a….dog…to finish uni…..and to socialise..

    Thanx u so much for helping me decide….I’m going to finish my course and get a job…..and other stuff…but i still am very indecisive…..don’t u think?

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