Here’s to Food and Gratitude

turkeyToday is Thanksgiving here in the US. It’s my favorite holiday – a time to:

  • reflect on what we’re grateful for,
  • be with family, and
  • stuff your face,
  • stuff your face,
  • stuff your face…

As a dedicated foodie, I couldn’t ask for a better time. It’s also nice when we can take time to reflect, because I have found that gratitude is an essential element of true success.

When it comes to reflecting, I’m extremely grateful for so many things in my life. One new edition to that list is you – my readers – and the wonderful blog friends and neighbors I’ve had the honor of meeting and conversing with over the past few months. Thank you for your contributions, for your unique talents and passions, and for just being you.

Okay, I’m off to eat. Have a wonderful weekend (a long one for some).

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  1. Hey Rick – Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well. It’s funny you should mention antacids – that was my late night dessert 🙂 I haven’t learned my lesson though – here come the leftovers.

    I agree Char – I kept thinking all day how fortunate I am. Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. Happy TGD Tony. Speaking of gratitude, I’d like to share a poem we have over at our site with just that name. Enjoy:

    by A. Hamilton

    There was once a man who lacked drive and ambition.
    He spent most of his time bumming around or going fishing.

    One day while hunting worms for bait
    He made an astounding discovery that was to determine his fate.

    Now he had in his hand, twisting, wiggling with each turn. A real live, talking, magic worm.

    Just like all other magic stories of the past,
    Three wishes was all the man was to ask.

    With a glow in his eye, filled with excitement and glee,
    He made a wish, the first of three.

    He wished for a life of fortume and fame,
    With a puff of smoke, a little light, true the wish came.

    The second wish was for eternal life and good health.
    He was assured he would have it because – well, just look at his wealth.

    His third wish was for a true love to make his life complete,
    And in the span of a second – there she stood, warm and sweet.

    Now they were gone, all three of his wishes.
    Well, what good’s a powerless worm? He fed it to the fishes.

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