How to Question Your Real Value – Part Two

value-guyIn part one, the focus was on first determining what you’re really offering. There you’re asking hypothetical questions, to hypothetical customers. Today, it’s all about asking your actual customers.

If you want the best gauge available to track how you’re doing – just ask your customers. They’ll be happy to tell you. Remember the Ed Koch catch-phrase “How’m I doin’?”

Simple way to see how you’re doing…

Pick 5, 10, or all of your customers, and even prospects, and ask them:

1 – Name 3 things you like about my product, service, or doing business with me.

I bet you already have some idea of what the answers might be – but you’ll probably be wrong. Or at least partially wrong. We never see our businesses the way others do. Asking for this kind of feedback is a terrific way to get some real measurement of how you’re doing.

Now for the hard one…

2 – Name 3 things you don’t like about my product, service, or doing business with me.

Ouch! Yes I’m suggesting that you ask your customers to give you some criticism – preferably constructive criticism. If you’re doing it right, this will be the kind you get. If not, you’ll quickly find where you need some work.

Ask them to be honest. Even if it’s just “I’d like more color choices” or “A shorter turn-around would really help me out,” you’ll get a pretty good picture of what areas you could improve. Some things will be out of your control, but even implementing a couple of small suggestions would be huge in the eyes of your customers.

So ask how you’re doing – then listen closely. Next to the business they give you, it’s the most important thing a customer can offer – their honest opinion.