Gathering Twigs – Find Your Perfect Business by Griping

guy-thinkingThere are those people I talk to about starting a home-based business who already have a pretty good idea what they want to do. They’re writers, artists, programmers, designers, accountants, consultants – among others – who already know what they love to do. They just want to do it from home.

Then there’s those folks who have no clue what they want to do. They hate their current job, or are out of work, and have a clear idea of what they DON’T want. Which is actually a good place to start.

By taking a good, long look at what you don’t want in a career, some patterns will start to emerge. Get out a sheet of paper or fire up a new text file or word processor document and start listing all those things you don’t like in your current job, or absolutely don’t want in your career. Don’t stop and think. Just let it all flow.

After a while you’ll start to see patterns and a few (or many) clear areas that you want to avoid. This list represents some of your current reality – or at least your most current memories of what a crappy job entails. The key to changing that reality and finding your perfect nest career is looking for the underlying theme of the list. What does the list say about your work preferences? What picture does it create regarding your view of specific kinds of work? If you’re having a hard time seeing a common thread, give it to someone that you trust, and let them take a crack at it. Often, it’s easier for someone close to us to see things that we can’t.

Now here’s the real use for this list. Something most people don’t do. Begin to look at the opposite of not only the individual items on the list, but the opposite of the common thread. By using your list of things you don’t want as a jumping off point, you can start to understand what it is that you DO want. Rather than just complaining about what you don’t like, use it as a way to discover what you want out of life. Imagine that, griping as a tool for empowerment!