Celebrating Work by Not Working

grillingHere in the US, today is Labor Day. A day we celebrate work, by not working. As a self employed, home-based business person, I usually forget these things.  My wife will ask, “Are you working on Monday?” And I think, “Of course. It’s Monday. Why wouldn’t I work?”

At this point I realize that for most Americans, it’s a day off. Again, from a home-based business perspective, I think of it differently. Since most of our clients are off, colleagues are off, and I can only assume all those people who call selling yellow page ads are off, I can get some actual work done. No phone calls, no email, no IM.

The flip side is that since the kids are off, it’s a great day to just hang out and play – and cook something with fire, outside. So like all things home-based business related, the key is to find a balance. So this morning I’m working.  I’ll do a little more after the kids are in bed. Then the rest of the day is in celebration of work – by not working.

And cooking with fire, outside.