Free Report Is Now Available

AnnouncementI’m pleased to announce that the free report I mentioned last week is now available for download.

This report outlines the project Brian and I have been working on, and is full of valuable info for those looking for a viable way to make money online.

It covers key aspects of developing a profitable online content business, and capitalizing on your expertise — through stories about:

  • Writing in space
  • Big boss Google
  • The Long “Tale”
  • The value of free — in another content business
  • How a little concert in Manchester changed the music scene forever

We provide it both as an illustrated PDF and as an MP3 audio version.

So go have a look, or a listen:

Teaching Sells Free ReportTeaching Sells – Forget Everything You Know About Making Money Online… And Start Making Some


  1. Must say, I was most eagerly waiting for this 🙂 I am first few to comment or probably the first.

    Have not received the report through mail. Checked Bulk too.

    So I am patient, will give time to servers, but will come again to comment over the report.

    Please bear.

  2. i’ve been to your blog about a year ago, and i’ve been a fan of brian since i first googled him. THis really looks great, All the best Man! You might not believe it, but I think I’m as excited as you! (k well maybe almost! all the best, good luck, and God Bless)!

  3. I really wish you would make it a bit more clear that by giving an email address to the web site, that we are really joining a mailing list. It really isn’t that clear on the web site, and the confirmation message says we have to agree to get more mail from you in order to get the “free” report.

    Luckily, I’ve already disabled the email address I submitted, but many people won’t be that fortunate.

  4. Michael, there are at least 7 more free articles that expand on the information in the report, and that’s how we hope to deliver them to you.

    Sorry you won’t be on board to read them, because there’s some good elaboration to follow. I think the other people you deem “less fortunate” will be quite pleased.

  5. I’m grateful to be one of the “unfortunate” :0 – It is obvious from your report that this is truly ground breaking stuff! As I said on Copyblogger – I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! When will those articles be coming our way, O Masters of Marketing?

  6. You said in the report that most people don’t like to read, but bloggers do. So I was just curious if the report has received more downloads as a PDF to read, or more downloads as an MP3 to listen to.

    Anyway, good job, it’s very interesting. I can’t wait for the next edition!

  7. So, I am back here to comment as I have read the book:

    – I like the way you have analyzed the Internet, that is not mere a delivery medium.

    – Charging for content seems logical only when you have some repute. Otherwise free is good for beginners I believe.

    What I liked the most is NUMBER 3 🙂 of your reasons to publish this book.

    Must say waiting for additional notes which you have promised Gentlemen!

  8. Excellent report, you’re right on about the rarity of taking action and simply getting started. Any movement works. I see it in my business coaching practice daily. Once we take a different action (really any action) our prospective changes and we can see what we need to see to make the next optimum adjustment.

    I’m interested in learning more about your teachings and joint venture programs.

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