Are You A Cereal Entrepreneur?

Cereal EntrepreneurNo, I meant “cereal,” not “serial.”

Though I do tend to stretch the rules of grammar in order to get my point across, even I wouldn’t make that big of an error (maybe).

So what’s a cereal entrepreneur?

A lot of folks (including me) look to cereal as the old standby. Comfort food, that fills you up, and is easy to make. Even though I’m a foodie and love to cook, cereal is a way to get out of making anything fancy — or anything at all.

Wouldn’t It Just Be Easier To…

You have a big idea. You know it’s new and exciting. It’s never been done this way before. Your research tells you it’s promising. Only it’s a lot of work. It’s not tried and true. It’s a gourmet meal.

On the other hand, you have this other pretty decent idea for yet another Web-based to-do list. Those are very popular, and a few even have a good chance of being bought by one of the big boys. It’s the cereal.

Anytime you choose the easy, tried and true project or idea, you’re going the cereal entrepreneur route. You pick the commodity because it’s known. It may not be hugely successful, but it’s safe. It’s working for others, so it should work for you. It’s a big bowl of comfort food, in your big comfy chair.

Can You Live On Cereal?

Ultimately, the path you decide on has to be for the right reasons. Only you know what path works for you and your lifestyle.

The thing with settling is it often leads to regret. You take the well worn road, and at some point you see that your big idea has been done by someone else. They chose to put in the effort for the gourmet meal, and saved the cereal for breakfast.

The easy way isn’t always as easy as you think.

It’s those that forge their own way that achieve the most. And keep this in mind — even cereal can be a big success, if you’re one of the first, or come at it in an innovative way.


  1. Jesse – Great point and a nice way to put it. You can also look at it as having your cereal for breakfast, a light lunch, then a gourmet meal for dinner. Work your way up to it.

  2. I hope I’m not a cereal entrepreneur. I don’t want to live with regret. Thanks for the interesting thoughts.

  3. Lisa – Based on experience, you’ll know it if you are. I’ve worked with lots of entrepreneurs and they always knew if they were following their real passion or settling for the so-called easy path.

    Priscilla – My guess is they’re gourmet meal kinds of guys. Trump probably a steak guy, and with the great salmon in the northwest, Gates maybe a fish guy 🙂

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