Advice on Keeping the Half-Full Perspective

tip-guyThe venerable Starbucker has a brilliant post over at his Ramblings From a Glass Half Full blog entitled 5 Quick Tips To Keep The Glass Half-Full. Including such great advice as “Get off of the ground, but stay out of the clouds” and “Open mind, open skies,” these tips really provide a perfect framework for developing the right focus for true success.

Someone once told me that optimism is over-rated, I quickly countered with “so is success, but that doesn’t stop folks from striving for it.” When you combine critical thinking with an optimistic outlook you have a powerful tool for achieving your goals.


  1. Thanks, Liz. I think folks confuse optimism with Pollyannaism. You can view things from a positive angle without getting sucked into self-delusion.

    With a half-full glass you can drink it and be glad for it, give it to someone else, or bitch about it being half empty. Those in the first two camps tend to find lots of half-full glasses, and don’t go thirsty.

  2. Thanks for the link! Like Liz, I love the way you combined critical thinking and optimism into a “powerful tool”. We HAVE to keep learning – and asking those questions that come from it. All the best.

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