4 Ways the Work at Home Parent Teaches Success by Example

applesThere are many advantages to being a work-at-home parent. At the top of the list are freedom, and being there for your kids. But one often overlooked benefit is that you’re teaching your kids how to succeed – by example.

The majority of the folks I know who work from home, are following their dreams and doing what they love. So what does that teach your kids?

1 – That they too can follow their dreams. If you’re doing it, so can they. You’re not just telling them to follow their passions, you’re showing them how.

2 – That being successful is not just about having a job and making money. My guess is that if you’re a successful work-at-home parent that you don’t have a problem making money. But I’m also guessing it’s not just about the money. Building a business around your passions makes what you do so much more than a job. It also shows how fulfilling meaningful work can be.

3 – That family and other relationships are important. You’re there for your family and friends – and your kids know that they matter. When you think of your family not just first, but as partners in your venture, you clearly show how crucial relationships and the support of those you love are.

4 – That the status quo isn’t always the best approach. It’s no secret that I’m not big on the status quo. The only way to innovate and really impact things in a positive way is by thinking differently – IMHO. It’s essential that kids be allowed to think for themselves, and use their inquisitive minds to explore. So much of education is about forming little followers, who think like the rest of the crowd. When what’s most valued in business and the world today are those who follow their own path and can innovate. By showing that you can contribute something special, while thinking for yourself and doing your own thing, you inspire them to do the same.

Actions speak volumes more than words. How are your actions teaching your kids about the world of work? Are you the example of what you hope for them?


  1. Thanks Char. I know what you mean. There’s something special about a home office that just seems to attract kids. For some reason, it’s always more interesting than drawing at their desks or playing in their rooms.

    They make for interesting co-workers though 🙂

  2. Great post.

    I’m often asked, “How can I make my kids more creative?” Your post parallels the answer I give to this question.

    Your children learn more from you than anyone else. If you are a model of creativity, they get the lesson. If you try new things, and are successful more often than not, they get a front row seat on how to “flex their risk muscles.”

  3. That’s a great point Roger.

    I’ve also seen it work in reverse. Parents, who take the time to do creative things with their kids, end up strengthening their creative muscles as well. It’s win-win, and a great way to spend time with your kids.

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