A Different Approach to Selling Content

Brain CapitalMy advertising post generated some great feedback, both in the comments and through email.

A few people missed the point entirely, but that’s going to happen. You can’t help everyone ;).

Some of you made some great observations, and many had questions. The most common question was “how to capitalize on your content and what you know, rather than going the ads route…”

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Why There’s No Advertising on This Site

Question MarkI get asked at least once a week about advertising on my site. I appreciate that folks would like to place an ad here, but I’ve chosen to keep it ad-free.

Believe me, it’s not some altruistic thing.

It’s because I never approach any business related project or venture without a solid business model. And quite frankly, a model that relies on my content sending people away from my site, and that heavily relies on someone else (cough…Google) is not for me.

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What You Know Vs. What You Think You Know

Incite InsightsThis is how humans are: we question all our beliefs, except for the ones we really believe, and those we never think to question.” ~ Orson Scott Card

There are two ways to preface a statement regarding your beliefs. You can say:

This is what I think.

Or you could say:

This is what I know.

The first one (what I think) seems to have less of a commitment. The second one (what I know) seems more assured.

In reality it’s often the opposite.

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