Your Dreams Will Evolve, but the Theme Remains the Same

Discovering YouWhen we’re young it’s easier to see our dreams. Our passions float close to the surface.

As you grow up, real life comes into the picture. You have to find a way to make a living — to survive, eat, keep a roof over your head. Growing up may cause you to lose site of your dreams. When you go back to have a look, they may not be the same.

And that’s not a bad thing.

As You Grow and Learn, Things Change

It may be hard to discover that the dreams of your youth are no longer your dreams. Did you imagine that one day you’d be an astronaut, a ballerina, a star wide receiver, a famous actor?

When you look back on what you imagined your life to be like, you may see things radically different than they are now. You may also find that the dreams you once had are no longer your dreams.

Growing and learning are a part of life. Things change, and dreams evolve.

What’s important is to get to the core of your dreams and passions. The visions of your future that you once had can be a clue to where your true passion is.

In “The Highest Goal,” Michael Ray talks about a key moment in all of our lives when we make a discovery about what he calls our Highest Goal:

Researchers tell us that all of us have a defining experience of the highest goal early in our lives, usually around the time of puberty. We each have an experience that we are great, that we have a connection with everything, that we have potential.

This experience, if we accept it and remember it, can catapult us beyond the socializations and comparisons that deter us from living the purpose of our lives.

Those moments come from the core of your passion. And though the dream careers and things you want to do may change, the central theme stays the same.

Dreams evolve. They change as we discover more about ourselves and our lives.

Once you discover your core passion — the main theme of your ideal life — the work, goals, and dreams may change.

But that passion will always be there — in one form or another.