A Vote for Me Is, Well, Just a Vote for Me

PollAli has kindly nominated me in his “The Top 5 Blogs at the End of 2007 will be…” poll for Work and Career blogs. He’s included some great blogs, 4 that were already in my reader, and one I just discovered.

It feels weird to ask for readers to vote for me, so I won’t (ask you to go and vote for me, that is — unless you really feel the need to. In that case, go ahead).


  1. Well that was easy. Your blog always gets my vote. It remains in my top 5 favorite designs hands down. Oh, and your content is equally strong – I just love the visual aspect.

    Good Luck!

  2. Hey mate – good luck – it seems you’re already whipping me! First time here and I’m loving your theme, really nice and homely. I’ll be coming back here for more!

  3. Ali – No problem, I appreciate the nomination.

    Char – Coming from a fellow designer, that means a lot.

    Jesse – There’s some great sites listed, including a couple of my favs.

    Adnan – Thanks! I just found your site recently. It’s a terrific resource.

  4. You can vote only once, if you change your vote by clicking on another blog then your vote transfers over to the other blog. That’s how zoho polls has it set up, I wish I could block changing votes by IP but it doesnt work that way.

  5. Just announced, you now get prizes if you win! Check out the blog for full details. Good Luck!

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