Your Creative Process May Be As Unique As You Are

Incite InsightsI do most of my writing while walking the dog. Weird, I know. But it works well for me.

I rarely write down my first draft, preferring to keep it in my head. Yes, that goes against many of the creativity and productivity commandments — but again, that’s what works for me.

I have a lot of RAM apparently.

It’s Up to You to Make the Rules

Rules and guidelines are great — as long as you know when to break them.

One of the biggest issues with trying to follow someone else’s rules for creativity is that everyone is different.

This seems like common sense, but sometimes it’s forgotten.

Only you can define your rules for creativity and productivity. Many gurus offer terrific advice, which can be a starting point for you to develop your own routine.

Others come at you with condescension, and make you feel like a slacker if you’re not up a 4 AM writing every day.

Just like with defining your success model, it’s up to you to define your creativity and productivity rules. What works for you may be completely absurd to someone else.

That’s just fine. It’s not their life.

So next time you feel like a failure because the latest wonder-boy’s (or wonder-girl’s) surefire methodology didn’t work for you, remember you are unique.

Your inspiration may come from a completely unique place.