What Are You Working For?

Rosa Say has a wonderful post over at lifehack.org entitled Why Work?:

Imagine something with me for a moment. You are unbelievably wealthy and debt-free. You don’t have to work for the income it brings you, but still, you do work. Because you aren’t concerned with the amount of your paycheck, you are able to choose the work you want to do for the pure joy and pleasure of it. What would you choose? What would you do?

reader-guyThis type of exercise is a great way to get a handle on where you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what you’d like to be doing. So many of us wait for some future time and circumstance to choose to do our ideal work. Unfortunately for most of those waiting for the perfect time to take the plunge, that time never comes.

We all have a choice, whether we believe it or not. There are no wrong answers, and no one to answer to but yourself.

Take some time over the weekend and ponder Rosa’s questions. Think about the type of work you’d choose to do if there were no other concerns. If you didn’t have to work, how would you spend your time and contribute to the world. The answers to those questions, will tell you a lot about yourself, and what you might be missing.