Finding Patterns to Find Your Purpose

Discovering YouSome patterns are easy to recognize. Others are not.

It seems the closer we are to a pattern, the harder it is to see. This is particularly true when it comes to finding your purpose. It may be clearly spelled out in the patterns of your life, but hidden because it’s so much a part of who you are.

Your Purpose May Be So Close, You Can’t Seen It

As humans, we are excellent at finding patterns. Sometimes even when patterns may not exist.

We do it with markets, trends, science, coding, and even love.

When it comes to identifying our own patterns, that skill seems to diminish. Much like how we can see others bad habits easier than our own. Ever see how some people dress and wonder if they even own a mirror?

The patterns that surround your purpose can come in the form of coincidence or synchronicity. Depending on your particular view, it can be a sign from God, the Universe pointing the way, your higher self, or just a bunch of patterns forming in your brain.

The interpretation isn’t important, the recognition is.

The Design Patterns of Your World

It’s impossible to see complex patterns if you’re not looking for them. Awareness is the key.

The act of conscious intention is the first step. Deciding to begin looking for patterns starts the process. Begin to look for patterns in your life and work:

  • What comes naturally?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What do people ask of you the most?
  • What do others compliment you on?
  • What draws your attention and excites you? (And no, your purpose is not Salma Hayek or George Clooney.)

Begin to pay attention to the patterns in your life. Some will be obvious, and others will be more obscure. See what signs consistently pop up.

You’re here to do something. The patterns of your life will tell you what that is.