Your Dreams Will Evolve, but the Theme Remains the Same

Discovering YouWhen we’re young it’s easier to see our dreams. Our passions float close to the surface.

As you grow up, real life comes into the picture. You have to find a way to make a living — to survive, eat, keep a roof over your head. Growing up may cause you to lose site of your dreams. When you go back to have a look, they may not be the same.

And that’s not a bad thing.

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Should a Hobby Stay a Hobby or Become Your Career?

Things to ConsiderDo what you love and the money will follow…

This is a pretty common expression in the hunt to find your ideal career — especially when it comes to working from home.

But is it true? Will building a business around something you love equal success and fulfillment? Will turning a beloved hobby into a home-based business ensure your happiness?

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