The Bag’s Out of the Cat

SOBCon '07The news is spreading.

Some of the best bloggers around (and some good friends) are getting together to talk relationship blogging – and one of the keys to any successful venture is the relationships you build.

Want to join in?

Here Come the SOB’s – SOBCon ’07

A Relationship Bloggers’ Conference and Networking Event…

Festivities start Friday, May 11th at 6:00pm with a live performance from popular songwriter, performer (and blogger!) Christine Kane.

That’s followed by the Open Mic Night Cocktail Party – a live community event, where we’ll take the conversation out of the comment box!

Saturday, May 12th starts at 8:00am. A day full of interactive presentations on publishing, design and branding, tools, analytics, social networking, marketing, and coaching – all from the perspectives of the relationship blogger and the audience.

Check Out This Cast

Lots of great speakers are lined up, like:

You know it’s got to be something if I’m posting on a Sunday. Spots are limited, so visit the event site to register

Industry Groups Are Great, If They’re Not for Your Industry

Making ConnectionsSally couldn’t bear to go to another one of those get-togethers. It’s always the same people talking about the same things. She joined to make contacts and find prospects, but it’s become like a bad AA meeting for designers.

I’ve talked to a lot of Sallys. Home-based business folks who joined some industry group in hopes of getting customers or finding leads. Making connections in your industry is one thing, and an important thing. But thinking a room full of your peers will lead to customers is a common misconception.

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Social Media for the Home-Based Business

Social Media for the Home-Based BusinessThis isn’t a blog about blogging. There are plenty of terrific ones already. But blogging and other social media is an important tool for the home-based entrepreneur. In some cases – the most important tool. So periodically, I like to point to some resources for learning about and contributing to the conversphere. Other folks are better equipped to teach this stuff, to I defer to the experts.

Brian Brown from Pajama Market highlights “The most overlooked benefit of business blogging.”

Lee Odden from the Online Marketing Blog demonstrates nicely the importance of having a blog with “No Blog? Missed Opportunity.”

Mike Sansone from Conversations and Wayne Hurlbert from Blog Business World host a 2 hour special roundtable discussion with leading members in the blogosphere – “Nut’s and BlogBolts – A Conversation on Social Media Tools.”

Patrick Schaber from The Lonely Marketer brings us a “Fun Example of a Web Video Marketing Campaign.”

Networking is a Conversation, Not a Lecture

herbHave you ever been at a networking event and been cornered by one of “those” types of networkers or salespeople? Mike Sigers (whose birthday happens to be today – happy b-day, Mike!) calls them Herb Tarlek types – what I feel to be a very accurate portrayal.

Herb charges up to you, asks you what you do, barely gives you a chance to answer, then shoves a business card at you and begins his elevator speech (as in boring like elevator music, not short like an elevator ride). You’re no idiot. You can tell he’s not really listening to anything you say.

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