Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?I’m with Andy Beard on the bad title. I pride myself on at least trying to write good titles. But it is an interesting question.

Like other memes, I only jump on board if I found them interesting to read on other blogs. I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed reading what other folks said.

So a big thanks to Steve Johnson for thinking of me, and away we go…

The First Reason

The main reason I started blogging is because I believe in true freedom. Living life on your own terms – is to me – the most important thing a person can do. I believe that every person has unique knowledge and gifts, and that it is their birthright to share it with the world.

Being an entrepreneur defines who I am – only slightly less than being a father and husband. Helping others to turn their knowledge and gifts into a wealthy and fulfilling life, is the main reason I do this. Blogging is a tool to help inspire and guide others to a life worth living.

The Second Reason

I’ve been a blog reader (or addict if you prefer) for years. I discovered technical and design blogs early on as a treasure trove of information, tips, tools and resources. Soon after, I began getting most, if not all, my news and information from the social media.

Blogs were a great way to get political views from both sides of the aisle, and news that had all the schlock and “Nancy Grace-ness” stripped away. Being able to read the thoughts of brilliant business minds, designers, artists, poets, scientists, and programmers is gold to a knowledge junkie like me.

After years of being a bridesmaid, and never a bride, I wanted to join the conversation, rather than just listen in.

I suppose there are lots of reasons to blog. These are mine.

Your Reasons

Now, this may seem like a cop-out, but it’s not really. I love what Mike Sansone did with his. So I’m not tagging individuals, but tagging all my readers who want to participate, and invite you to run with it.

Why do you blog…?


  1. I don’t think it is a cop-out at all.

    I actually did exactly the same, and left it to my readers to pick up the meme and run with it.

    It was partially to do with 2000 Bloggers. There was such a backlash that I wanted to ensure that no one felt obligated to join in.

    At the same time I think my “Why Do I Blog” post was probably the longest I have every written, and I congratulate anyone who actually reads the whole thing.

  2. Andy – You’re right. I didn’t want anyone to feel obligated, but those that wanted to could jump on the meme-wagon. I actually did read your entire post. It’s probably the most informative meme post I’ve seen :).

  3. Hey Tony,

    I stumbled across your blog from Kian Ann’s blogopreneur and must say that it is a gem! It is increasingly difficult to find blogs offering genuine advice, with a touch of humour, which are focused on what they do without all the additional get rich quick frills. Have put you on my blog reader.

    I do blog regularly on marketing, PR, social media and entrepreneurship related matters on Cooler Insights and would love it if you can come by and give me your valuable views and comments. Will be popping by here regularly too, and have added a link to your blog.

  4. Glad you played along Tony. “Nancy Grace-ness” – now that is a woman I can not watch for more than 2 minutes at a time!

  5. Doug – Too obvious…? 😉

    Char – I know using the word “schlock” with Nancy Grace is redundant, but oh well 🙂

  6. Hello Tony,

    I am leaving this comment as promised. I like your meme. If I had to answer the question, ‘why do I blog?’, I’d have to say because I really enjoy it. However, I am what I call an accidental blogger, who got his start in response to frustration with an adsense revenue offer. I am fascinated with the fact that I can connect with people all over the world, even if it is just briefly, in a few comments.

    I have only been blogging for about a month now, and I have read some interesting thing throughout the blogosphere. I also find it remarkable that people find some of my posts worthwhile reading. My plans are simple, to grow in my ability as a blogger and writer, and to continue to enjoy what I’m doing.

    All the best to you,

  7. Tony, I can relate to your love of tips, tricks, and advice in blogs. To solve design or technical problems, I find myself searching blogs (via google or technorati) before I search the entire web.

    I guess I trust most bloggers…as wacky as that sounds.

  8. I write because I have to write. It is what I am: a writer. The traditional way to get published is so difficult to break into but I have had a few successes in that area.

    With blogging my writing can be published world wide instantly with a potentially huge readership. At present that is only in the thousands but it is growing rapidly. In the print media I am lucky to get several hundred readers. One publication I am published in regularly only has a circualtion of about 80 people.

  9. Why do I blog?…. great question!

    I think we all have a deep need for connection, meaning and growth and so whatever our reasons for starting, once we get into it we discover something suprisingly rewarding and enjoyable about the whole thing.

    Personally I’ve discovered the ‘hidden’ reward is what I get to teach myself. I often find myself very reluctant to write a post. Sometimes the post almost has to grab me by the scruff of the neck and drag me kicking and screaming to express what has to be said.

    But digging deep and having to express in words those vagues notion that float just below the surface of my consciousness some how teaches me what I most need to know.

    Sounds a little weird I know, but that’s how it is with me.

    P.S. I really like this blog.

  10. Interesting question…hmmm… here’s my thought for that one..

    With blogging, I can share my ideas and thoughts with people around the world, no matter the distance.

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