The Bag’s Out of the Cat

SOBCon '07The news is spreading.

Some of the best bloggers around (and some good friends) are getting together to talk relationship blogging – and one of the keys to any successful venture is the relationships you build.

Want to join in?

Here Come the SOB’s – SOBCon ’07

A Relationship Bloggers’ Conference and Networking Event…

Festivities start Friday, May 11th at 6:00pm with a live performance from popular songwriter, performer (and blogger!) Christine Kane.

That’s followed by the Open Mic Night Cocktail Party – a live community event, where we’ll take the conversation out of the comment box!

Saturday, May 12th starts at 8:00am. A day full of interactive presentations on publishing, design and branding, tools, analytics, social networking, marketing, and coaching – all from the perspectives of the relationship blogger and the audience.

Check Out This Cast

Lots of great speakers are lined up, like:

You know it’s got to be something if I’m posting on a Sunday. Spots are limited, so visit the event site to register


  1. Too bad I cannot be there. I do have a question though: who makes your blog graphics? They are so cool! Great blog design can really make a difference!

  2. Thanks guys – I have a family event the same week, but I’m going to do everything I can to make it. I’m really looking forward to meeting you guys in person.

    Mihaela – I do all the graphics and design myself. Thanks for the compliments.

  3. Hi, It is very nice to hear such an envent. I read it too on today. Of-course it is going to be a great event. On this platform many bloggers will be able to know the tricks to have beeter and famous blogging. For the bloggers who are looking blogging as an extra source of income, this would be a great helping hand. So far I have heared and serach on net it is the first event of its kind. The visitors will be charge around $315. Ok, if you want to have something then you must have to give something. I wish this event would be very helpful for all of us.

  4. There is only one small problem for me – how can I afford a ticket to get from Adelaide, South Australia (two hours flight west of Sydney) all the way to Chicago??

    I guess I’ll just have to keep on blogging until the income is such that I don’t have ask that question.

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