Acceptance Is Not the Same as Accepting Your Fate

Pondering GuyOnly by acceptance of the past, can you alter it.” ~ T.S. Eliot

Before you can move forward, you have to accept where you are.

This seems like common sense, but is often missed.

Accepting where you are so you can begin the next leg of your journey doesn’t mean you accept your fate.

Maybe you’ve made some decisions you’re not pleased with. Perhaps you’ve endured, tolerated, and consented to things that in hindsight weren’t the best for you, and missed opportunities along the way.

The very first step is to see where you are, what has brought you here, and where you want to go next.

That’s acceptance.

In the present moment you exist as you are right now. Not as you were yesterday, or last month, or when you were 18.

This is just a starting point — a place to begin the next phase of your life.

So in this moment right now, accept where you are, but not your fate.

Your fate is up to you.