A Midweek Meme: Playing a Game of Tag

meme-guyI’ve seen this meme spread on many of my favorite blogs. Some of these memes are pretty silly, but this one seems interesting – in that it allows readers to get to know the blog author a little better. I’ve actually enjoyed reading some pretty fascinating things about some of my blog friends and neighbors. To me, social media is all about community, and this is part of it.

Besides, anyone looking around here, or anywhere else I blog and ‘cast, can see I’m all for having fun. So thanks to Kammie, I’m it, and the theme is…

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I sang in a heavy metal band, was a surf bum and a skate-punk. Yep…
  2. A couple of weeks before meeting my wife, I had planned a cross country trip to L.A., where I was going to board a cargo ship and work my way to Hawaii – to study with a shaman. About a month before I was scheduled to go, I met my wife, and 15 years later, have had much more exciting adventures. I almost always follow my gut, and my gut said she was the one. My gut has yet to let me down.
  3. My only “real” job, aside from a part-timer at a bookstore, was as a prep and line cook in an Italian fusion restaurant. At one point I seriously considered being a chef, but I didn’t like the idea of being married to the kitchen (the chef I worked under was on his 4th wife – and that was shaky). I’m still a foodie, do most of the cooking, and watch an inordinate amount of cooking shows.
  4. As an Army brat, I have been in every state in the Union at least overnight, except Hawaii. Gonna add that one ASAP.
  5. My 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Barnes said I’d never get anywhere in life drawing weird little pictures, and I almost didn’t graduate high school because of failing an art class.

Well, there you go. So now I guess it’s my turn to do the tagging, so I tag Mike Vizdos, Rosa Say, Karen Wallace, Greg Balanko-Dickson, and Dave Rothacker