5 Things to Expect When You Start Working from Home

watercooler-talkI’ve been tagged again – twice. This time, by my friends Carolyn and Griffin. I guess that makes me either one of the slowest kids on the playground, or just popular. I’m going with popular ;).

So rather than subject you to more off-topic stuff about me, I thought I’d bring the meme back to my topic and do 5 things, home-based business style. So without further ado, here are 5 things you can expect when you start working from home…

1 – Your neighbors will think you’re out of work, dealing drugs, or a writer.

2 – Surfing the net, reading blogs, and buying books and magazines is now research.

3 – Telling people you are a consultant and telling people you are a goat farmer will elicit the same response. Goat farming is easier to explain.

4 – There is no water cooler, and your dog is not interested in discussing what to expect when “Heroes” returns.

5 – You are your IT department. That means you’ll have to:

  • become tech savvy,
  • find a techie friend, relative, or neighbor,
  • have your 10-year old help you,
  • or, only as an absolute last resort, call one of those cute-car driving, electronics superstore tech-on-call places to have a guy who was selling CD’s last week come fix your $3000 laptop.

Running a home-based business is one of the greatest paths to fulfillment I know of. It can be a silly life, but that’s what makes it great. Life shouldn’t be boring, it should be fun.

So welcome to the work at home life – the only kind of work life I ever want.