Reader Poll Closed – Thanks for Your Input

pondering-guyThanks to everyone who participated in the poll. I collected over 200 responses, and though not really scientific, the results actually matched pretty closely with other info I’ve received – feedback, emails, and comments.

My plan is to use this info, along with all the wonderful feedback I’ve received, to improve the site and finalize a couple of related projects I’m working on (more about that in the next month or so).

You folks are the best. Thanks for being you, and doing what you do.

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  1. I can’t wait to see what you do with the feedback.

    You are a natural marketer — asking your “customers” for their input is a great way to make them feel special and valued.

    So…thanks for asking!


  2. Thanks, Drew – I appreciate the kind words.

    One of the things I’ve found is that about half of my audience aren’t parents or no longer have kids at home. The great thing is that the majority of my posts will apply to anyone either looking to work from home or who currently has a home-based business. In the short term, I’ll be tweaking some descriptive stuff to make those folks feel more welcome – since most of the content is relevant to them as well.

    Stay tuned for the other projects 😉

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