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The Hiatus That Became A Course Change

Posted on 09/3/08 in News |

Goin' in New Directions...When I was a kid, my mom worked in the admissions office of a small liberal arts college. I remember overhearing a professor talking about the 3-month sabbatical that he was going to take. As an amateur nature photographer, he was looking forward to what he called a “working vacation.” Freedom has always been one of my passions and values, so that sounded like the coolest thing in the world.

I’d heard years later that he decided to stay with the photography and he left his position at the college. The hiatus he took, defined a course change in his career.

Now, 9 months into what was to be a 1-month hiatus, it’s become clear that the same thing has happened to me. Teaching Sells has not only taken the bulk of my time, but also has been so much fun, it’s become my main focus. And, as some of you may know, I’m working on a new project called Lateral Action with Brian Clark and Mark McGuinness.

Where does that leave SFTN? Well for now (which has become pretty obvious), I won’t be updating with new posts. TS and LA cover much of the same material, but will offer a bigger arena. I’ll probably overhaul and combine this into a personal site at some point in the future.

And what about the cartoons?

Part of the reason for the course change is the opportunity to be creative in a more lucrative way. In fact we have just released the first introductory video for Lateral Action. If you want to take a look (and maybe subscribe to the feed), you’ll get a taste of what’s to come.

So this isn’t really goodbye, but more of a “see you around.” And I do hope to see you around at Teaching Sells, Lateral Action, and at some future projects that are in the works.

Holiday Hiatus

Posted on 12/10/07 in Blogging, News |

News from the NestI’ve been planning on taking a hiatus from blogging over the holidays, but things have been so slow around here, it’s been more transitional than a sudden stop :).

Anyway, I’m taking a break from the blog for the next few weeks, and will be back after the New Year.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by, reading, and subscribing this year.

I wish you a joyful and abundant holiday season.

Are You Turning into a Home-Based Hermit?

Posted on 11/21/07 in Home Office, Nest Life |

Something to PonderThis is the first guest post from Jon Morrow.

Working at home is certainly convenient, but it can be dangerous to your social life.

With no job to drag you out of the house, you might find that you no longer have a reason to leave. Sure, you might hop into the car and grab some groceries, but that doesn’t involve any deep interaction with people. Neither do conference calls or business lunches.

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When You Fall Off the Face of the Earth

Posted on 11/9/07 in Blogging, News |

NewsBeen kind of quiet around here the past two weeks.

I expected that to happen when Teaching Sells launched. I usually underestimate how much I’ll be involved when launching a new project. I tend to get both excited and obsessed, so needless to say, my primary focus has been the new venture.

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The Point Of View May Be New To You

Posted on 10/30/07 in Motivation, Personal Development |

New ViewpointGraham had reached rock bottom.

From an outside perspective, you’d never know it. But Graham had pulled himself up from a very low place years ago, and vowed never to be that low again. When you reach a certain level of success, you never want to reach true rock bottom again.

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Wait, I Didn’t Mention That Teaching Sells Is Live?

Posted on 10/25/07 in Launching, News |

Teaching SellsOkay, I really do understand how scheduled posting works in WordPress.

See, you have to click the little radio button to “published.”

I didn’t.

So now, a day later I give you…

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The Life of an Entrepreneur Is Like Picture-In-Picture

Posted on 10/22/07 in Family, Nest Life, Personal Development |

On My MindBalance is beautiful.” ~ Miyoko Ohno

I’ve talked about balance before.

It’s crucial to the success of a home-based business.

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Success is a Choice

Posted on 10/18/07 in Motivation, Soul Searching |

What Drives YouWhen it comes down to it, it’s all up to you.

You can start the day doing something you love, spring out of bed, and be ready to go. Or you can keep trudging along.

Jason Kotecki does an amazing job of helping folks break out of “Adultitis” through his cartoons, writing, speaking, and other offerings. Jason and his wife Kim focus on getting back to the fun in life, which in turn brings a more successful and fulfilling life.

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Free Report Is Now Available

Posted on 10/16/07 in News, Resources |

AnnouncementI’m pleased to announce that the free report I mentioned last week is now available for download.

This report outlines the project Brian and I have been working on, and is full of valuable info for those looking for a viable way to make money online.

It covers key aspects of developing a profitable online content business, and capitalizing on your expertise — through stories about:

  • Writing in space
  • Big boss Google
  • The Long “Tale”
  • The value of free — in another content business
  • How a little concert in Manchester changed the music scene forever

We provide it both as an illustrated PDF and as an MP3 audio version.

So go have a look, or a listen:

Teaching Sells Free ReportTeaching Sells – Forget Everything You Know About Making Money Online… And Start Making Some

5 Reasons Why Home-Based Entrepreneurship is the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gig

Posted on 10/15/07 in Blogging, Community, Nest Life |

Blog Action DayAs you may know, today is Blog Action Day — a day when over 15,000 blogs (and growing) are posting about the environment.

You’d think that would be off-topic for this blog. On the contrary — being a home-based entrepreneur is one of the most eco-friendly gigs you can have.

For instance…

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