When You Fall Off the Face of the Earth

NewsBeen kind of quiet around here the past two weeks.

I expected that to happen when Teaching Sells launched. I usually underestimate how much I’ll be involved when launching a new project. I tend to get both excited and obsessed, so needless to say, my primary focus has been the new venture.

Because it is so exciting, I have to be careful to prioritize and keep balanced. The main balance is with family and work. So unfortunately personal projects, like this one, tend to fall a little behind.

Wendy said in a comment here on balance:

“It’s much easier to write about balance than it is to actually do it. But every time I write about it, I am pushed to walk my talk just a little bit more.”

Amen, sister!

So regular posting will pick up again. I’m also approaching some folks about guest posting. Some of the top contributors in the comments have shared wonderful insights. Now I just need to convince them to share a whole post or two :).


  1. Welcome back! We missed you but weren’t surprised because of the new project. Having balance doesn’t mean we have to do everything every day, or even every week. I agree with your priorities: family and exciting new project. It just means you’ll have a lot more to talk about when you do blog.

  2. It’s so easy to be preoccupied with something new and leave some of your old projects for a little while. This is exactly what happened to me recently. I’ve been so busy with a new assignment that I almost neglected my old haunts completely. Right now, I’m also trying to strike that balance. So far, I have not achieved that harmony yet but I’m getting there. I’m getting there. 🙂

  3. Hey this is a great site and there’s no pressure we all need
    time to spend with family and rest too once in a while!lol

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