What Do You Want To Know About Being a Home-Based Entrepreneur?

Call for QuestionsI love writing about this stuff. I hope you love reading about it. My guess is that you do – mainly because you’re still reading :).

I’ve received some terrific questions about being a home-based entrepreneur – and I want more.

Though I have ideas and topics for articles to keep me writing for years, I’ve found that I really enjoy answering your questions more directly. I do the writing, and draw the cartoons, but this site is more about you than it is about me.

What Do You Want To Know…?

Let’s open things up a bit. I want to know, what you want to know. What questions do you have about:

  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Working from home
  • Running a home-based business
  • Balancing work and home life
  • Frustrations, fears, and struggles
  • Personal development
  • Marketing, branding (though I hate that word), and customer service
  • Technology
  • Organization, productivity, and the home office
  • Or anything else you feel you’d like to know

Of course, I’m not an expert in all of these things. But I dealt with them in my own businesses and with clients a lot over the years. So if I can’t answer the questions myself, I guarantee I can point you in the right direction. There’s also the possibility of a few guest authors to share their knowledge and expertise.

So, let me know. You can leave your questions or topic suggestions in the comments, or if you prefer, send them to me directly. Let me know if you want me to include your name and URL in my response post.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for participating. I’m looking forward to hearing what you want to hear about.


  1. 1. How much do you work at home compared to when you were working in corporate/for someone else?
    2. When did you decide to incorporate and have your earning funneled through your company?
    3. Do you miss anything from your working stiff days?

  2. 1. What tasks in your business do you outsource?

    2. Where do you get the inspiration for your drawings?

    3. If you had to start again, what would you do differently?

  3. For those of us who want to do the entrepreneur thing full time, the obvious risk is the lack of money that comes in at the beginning. I would be affraid to start my own thing in then have it not bring in enough money to support my family. How do these people do it?

    Are they at a more stable time in their lives? or am I just not seeing the bigger picture here?

  4. I guess really what I’m asking is this:
    How does one go about pursuing their dream of entrepreneurship, without the extreme loss of income?.. I think to be successful you can’t really keep your day job and work at home at the same time..

    any thoughts/help would be appreciated

  5. To Everyday Weekender:

    You might not be able to juggle a job, and working from home at the same time forever, but I think if you are willing to make a good push, it’s a good way to start. When you see success is incoming, dedicate yourself full time to your home business.

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