Welcome to the Conversphere

conversphereThis isn’t a blog about blogging. There are lots of good ones already out there. But blogging and other social media stuff is an important tool for the home-based business. I call it the conversphere – the conversations that are going on out in the internets – and participating is a valuable way to connect with customers, peers, and partners.

So periodically, I’ll point to some of my favorite resources for learning about and contributing to the conversphere. Other folks are better equipped to teach this stuff, to I defer to the experts.

Blogging and Podcasting with Ted Demopoulos

I just finished Ted Demopoulos’ book “What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting” his follow-up to “Blogging for Business:”

It’s based on the experiences, thoughts, and opinions of 101 people – both bloggers/podcasters and those who read and listen.

Wisdom from Seth Godin, Large John, Guy Kawasaki, surferdude/deep thinker Dave Kesel, Dave Taylor, Andre the Siberian Splogger and reindeer breeder, and even my favorite, ANONYMOUS!

It’s an excellent book, and provides a snapshot of many of the key things I wished I’d known before I got started blogging and podcasting. The collection of diverse views offers a well-rounded look at the different aspects of blogging and podcasting.

Mike Sansone – Conversation Conductor

If you’re looking for a single place to find out the basics of business blogging, Mike is the guy to go see. His site ConverStations is a tremendous resource for the small business blogger. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and an all-around good guy. Where to start? How about A Newcomer’s Guide to Business Blogging:

There are conversations taking place on the Internet. Some of these conversations may be about you or your company, your clients or your competition. Do you use the tools and techniques that equip you to know what is being published – as it’s published? You better be using them.

Consider this page as a beginning to your journey through the blogosphere, the first on your travels to building a network of enthusiastic collaborators and loyal customers. These links cover some of the basics of business blogging.

So wade in, jump in, or dive in head first. The conversations going on throughout the internets can be the best marketing and customer service tools around for the home-based business. It’s time to get on board. Welcome to the conversphere.


  1. Hi Jim – I sort of grew up around real estate. Lots of valuable info over at your place, and I love how you present everything. Thanks for dropping by and the kind words.

  2. Glad to do it, Ted. It is an awesome resource, and your and Shel’s “Blogging for Business” is still one of the few books I recommend on blogging for home-based businesses.

  3. Tony, thanks for sharing the newcomer’s guide and putting me together with Ted in the same post. That’s an honor.

    Love the image of the feed – can I spread that around? It’s a perfect picture of what blogging/feeds are.

  4. Mike – Your newcomer’s guide is a great intro to business blogging. I often get a lot of questions, and it’s nice to have useful places to send folks. And sure, please feel free to spread the image. I wanted to capture the whole concept in a single image, so it’s nice to hear that it works.

    JF – Thanks for checking out the site and subscribing. Your Selltoons are awesome. I really like the De Niro and Stiller pre-approval gag.

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