Selling Your Brain for Fun and Profit

Is Fear Actually An Asset?If you’re not selling what you know, you’re leaving money on the table.

No matter what type of solo venture you are launching, having a plan for presenting your know-how as a product is crucial.

I often say that the best home-based business is one that is built from the ground up on your unique talents and expertise. Knowledge is not power – the implementation of knowledge is power. As a self-employed expert, that knowledge and experience is what everything comes down to.

You’re selling your brain – so to speak – no matter if you’re doing it on an hourly basis, or as part of a physical thing. That thing may be a manual, a program, a design, a whitepaper, a process, a painting, whatever. The point is, in most cases, you’re are taking stuff out of your head and turning it into something to sell.

That tends to blow some people’s minds. To others, it’s obvious. Whichever side you fall on, it does bring the realization that ultimately your customers are paying for what you know, and your unique way of crafting and packaging that know-how.

So why not make that another source of income?

Think about how you can bundle up that knowledge into a thing to sell – something that provides real value to your customers. Or maybe, give it away for free, as a sample of what you know and can do. Mixing marketing and education is a powerful combo.

There are the obvious ones – books, software, audio programs, teaching, reports – but there may also be something that fits you and your niche better. A lot of being an entrepreneur is just imagining what can be – thought experiments that lead to profits.

What wonderful things can you produce from that creative entrepreneurial factory in your head?


  1. Hey Tony. I’m a lease man myself – don’t know what I’d do if I outright sold my noggin. 🙂 Just messin’. I couldn’t agree more.


  2. I was interviewed some days back and was asked what I do. Just told them I sell my passion.

    Great article Tony. I will like to share it on my blog.


  3. Shane – Good one. Although leasing would work too, don’t you think?

    Adebola – I love that answer. There’s so softer sell than something you’re passionate about.

  4. I love today’s cartoon, Tony, 🙂 and couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying here.

    I’m adding this to my quotes database if you don’t mind:

    Knowledge is not power – the implementation of knowledge is power.

  5. Rick – Thanks, and please do. It’s been one of my favorites for years. Knowledge without action is wasted – IMHO.

  6. I am selling my passion. Not selling in the traditional sense but using my passion in my blog. My passionatate hobby for over 30 years has been birding (bird watching). All that experience and knowledge is now being put to good use in one of my blogs. It is also the most profitable of my three blogs. Obviously the passion shows – and attracts others to the site.

  7. But what if your noggin is full of knowledge and your heart full of passions that are seemingly diconnected. Yes, I can easily just blog about them and fulfill my passion that way, but I would really rather spend valuable time and energy on something that is going to lead to me a more independent and profitable lifestyle.

    Would love to hear thoughts from other “renaissance” types.

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