Moving Imagination and Talking About Money

imagination-moversIt should come as no surprise that I love hearing stories of people who are taking the leap to follow their passions. I’m a success book junkie, and I never get tired of reading about those who are doing what it takes to attain success. It’s why I do much of what I do.

J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly has posted part 2 of an interesting interview with Scott Durbin of Imagination Movers, a rock band for kids. It’s a wonderful profile of someone who is doing what it takes to pursue a dream. From Money Interviews: Imagination Movers, part two:

What was your family’s financial situation at the time you started the Imagination Movers?

At the time the Movers started, I was entering my sixth year of teaching. Picture if you will, being the ‘bread winner’ on a teacher’s salary. Ahhh, the luxury of it all. My better half worked full time-ish as an office manager for a web firm and was earning a little less than me. Our income, however, was supplemented by a rental property. Even so, we rented to friends and consequently asked for $150 month lower than market value for the area.

I just recently discovered Imagination Movers. As someone who continuously tries to find music for my little one that doesn’t make me want to drive a fork into my ear to escape, I can say they’re pretty cool.

And be sure to check out part one of the interview.