Joyful Jubilant Learning

idea-guyI find it interesting that most home-based business folks I work with have a love of learning. It’s interesting, but not surprising. With all of the many hats that we have to wear, and all of the things we have to know, if you don’t have a love of learning, it makes it difficult to keep ahead.

I’m always excited to see new ideas regarding communities of learning and sharing. There seems to be a natural inclination among entrepreneurs and small business owners to want to contribute and share what they’ve learned.

I recently discovered a new community project called Joyful Jubilant Learning:

Welcome to Joyful Jubilant Learning, a content network where the Ho’ohana Community shares their passion for Lifelong Learning.

This site was inspired by an extraordinary experience of collaborative learning which transformed participants in unexpected ways. Join in to help us continue the momentum, spirit, and exploding possibilities.

Join in to “Learn with passion and purpose.”

It’s a new project and seems to have some great potential for like-minded folks to learn, share, explore, and grow. If it sounds interesting to you, check out the post on How Do YOU Get Involved in JJLN? to learn about what it is, and how you can get involved.


  1. Aloha Tony, and thank you so much for the pointer our way! We at the Joyful Jubilant Learning Network would love to have you and your readers jump into the joy of learning with us!

    What you have said is so true: Learning is the way for us to keep connected and moving forward, and doing it virtually, in collaboration with other lifelong learners, is adding freshness, excitement and fun while shortening our learning curves dramatically.

    I admire your generosity and the spirit of kokua (helpfulness) you offer here at Success from the Nest, and I do believe you’ll find the same kinds of motivation at JJLN as well; welcome to the Ho‘ohana Community!

  2. Hi Rosa – Thanks for stopping by. I read about JJLN on Phil’s blog just after the launch, and was one of the first subscribers. It looks very promising, and I’m looking forward to participating.

  3. Thanks for your support Tony. We look forward to you adding value to the JJLN just as you are doing here at Success from the Next. I’m just as anxious as you are to see what amazing learning insights we’re able to unearth together.

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