Master Your Master Goals

Goal Setting SuccessThis post is part two in the Goal Setting Success series.

What do you want — love, health, money, fame, inner peace?

What are you working towards?

What do you dream of having?

Your Master Goals are those high level, yet somewhat measurable things you want out of life. Your Master Goals also tie directly back to your Key Elements.

Your Master Goals
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So You Want to Be Healthy and Wealthy

Let’s look at some examples. Let’s say one of your Key Elements is “health.” Then your Master Goal might be a healthy, toned body. This is a somewhat measurable goal, but still pretty high level. Yet it does represent at that high level, what you want.

If your Key Element is “abundance,” your Master Goal might be “become wealthy.” That is a goal that is only really measurable relative to your current situation. But it’s still something you’re working towards. So this year “wealthy” may mean $80,000 a year, and in 3 years may mean $150,000, or $1 million.

Why Master Goals?

Think of it this way. If your tangible goal is your target, your Master Goal is a tracer round. It’s a way to look at your goals from a longer view. It’s also something we do naturally, and is more a part of our everyday thoughts than more detailed goals.

Though you may not think “I will lose 30 pounds, and eat 8 servings of vegetables daily” throughout the day, you may think “I am being healthy,” or “I am being conscious of what I eat.”

So Master Goals are indicators and pointers that relate your deep desires — your Key Elements — to your tangible and measurable goals.

Those detailed goals specify the Finer Points of what you strive for, and we’ll cover that in part three.

The Goal Setting Success Series


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