A Short Post from the Future

Opi Blog MemeSo under my new meme management strategy, I’m being selective about the meme’s I choose. I like this one for a few reasons:

  • It’s a cool idea
  • I get to make up a bunch of stuff about the future
  • My friend Chris tagged me
  • And it’s called the Opi Meme. I had an idea for an Opie post, but this will do.

September 15, 2015

I only have time for a quick post today. I’ve got a meeting in a little while.

I know that since the Singularity, a wetware implant would make these posts easier. But I bought a handcrafted steampunk keyboard in early ’08, and I’m going to use it until it falls apart. Old fashioned or not.

So today’s the big day. I get to appear before Congress to help push through President Paul’s income tax repeal. I’m doing it virtually of course — since I’m not having my Whuffie dinged for the whole carbon footprint thing.

I still laugh whenever I say “President Paul.” Who would have thought that after such an amazing grass-roots campaign for Ron Paul in the ’08 election that the American public got so confused they ended up making Ru Paul our next president. I am still surprised how terrific a president he turned out to be — especially in the second term.

I think the “No Taxation” initiative has been picking up steam. There was the virtual tea party last week — and though what’s left of the MSM is calling the participants griefers, I think of them more as revolutionaries. Yeah, I know, I’m a rebel. But a billionaire rebel is the best kind 🙂

I also just heard that my new series has been picked up by Joost-Linden Media Holdings for a new Inter-Act feature. They plan to produce it entirely inside the Google Republic — which is good since they comprise 80% of the iWeb.

Okay, I just got pinged for the meeting. I’m off. Wish me luck…

And… We’re Back…

There it is, my Opi. I’m not tagging anyone specifically, but I can tell you it was pretty fun participating. So if you want to give it a run, go for it.


  1. Awesome Opi, Tony! And thanks for the explanation links for some of those words. Some days I’m starting to feel a little on the old side. 🙂

  2. Chris – I don’t think it’s that you’re old, maybe I just read to much dystopian fiction 🙂

    Elizabeth – Welcome, and thanks for the kind words.

  3. Thanks for playing Tony! Very creative – as is most of your blog. I love coming here…now I have to go read about your guy with the fancy binder!

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