A Nice Surprise

good-lifeWell yesterday was not only Blog Day, but it was Blog Surprise Day as well. I was fortunate enough to be surprised by Easton Ellsworth from BusinessBlogWire. What a cool feeling to be read after only 2 days! I actually have a couple of subscribers that aren’t my wife. And traffic! (Well more back road type traffic rather than highway, but still, traffic!)

Okay, no more exclamation points. On with the show…


  1. THAT is so cool. I blogged for 21 days before I got a comment on my first blog! Congratulations. Easton is a grand fellow. He also has discriminating tastes.

  2. Thanks, Liz. It is very cool. After years of reading blogs, and finally starting my own, its exciting to actually be read.

    I appreciate you dropping by!

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