Who’s Defining Your Model of Success?

Designing SuccessDid you ever play with Legos? Besides being one of the most painful things to step on in the middle of the night, they are an amazing toy for explorative play.

If you’ve played with them, or seen them in stores, you know that there are general kits, and the kits for building pre-defined models.

That’s similar to how our success models are formed. Some are pre-defined, and we just follow the instructions to put them together to match the picture on the box. Others are free-form, and of our own design.

The Legos of Success

We all have a model of success in our heads. A picture of what the ideal life would be like. We each come at the concept of “success” differently.

When you imagine what success looks like, what do you see?

Where did that model come from?

Throughout our lives, bits and pieces of the success model kit comes to us from a variety of sources. We take some from here, and a little from there, and assemble it into our picture of what success means.

Many people only work with pre-defined models. These models are given to them by their parents, teachers, friends and mentors – or marketers, Hollywood, and the media.

When it comes to your own success models, it’s okay to start with some that are pre-defined. But like with the Lego kits, building the same model on the box over, and over, gets boring. That’s when you need to start customizing them, and mixing and matching to create your own, better version.

Then you can look at what you built and say “that’s mine, I did that.”

It’s time to break out of the comfort of building what’s on the box, and start making your own models.

It’s your life – build your own model of success.