Two Tiny Tools Too Terrific To Live Without

Useful ToolsYou know what I love — besides a chance to use alliteration?

Really useful tools.

Because of the projects I’m working on, I’m spending more time working in Windows, and less in Linux. That’s fine, for now. It’s the reason I dual boot.

Plus, I’m not much of a fanatic when it comes to an OS — Win, Nix, Mac — no problem.

Char’s Essential Tools series covers tools different folks use. Some great stuff there.

She featured me a while back (although since then I’ve moved to HTML-Kit and Bluefish for coding).

But there are two Windows tools I’d hate to have to live without, and they are amazingly simple. I also tend to forget about them when asked about my most important tools.

So as an addendum to my essential (Windows) tools, here are:


This is only tiny in the sense that it’s kind of a background tool. I like it because it combines a bunch of Windows utilities and commands that I use to either write myself, or use several different tools for. There are other tools that do some or all of the stuff ShellEnhancer does, but I like how easy it is.


Ahhh… I love me some PureText. It’s so damn annoying to try to paste something in Gmail for example, and all the formatting comes along with it. Many individual applications have a “paste as plain text” option, but I want it everywhere. PureText does that.

There you have it — two tiny tools. Nothing Earth shattering, no major breakthroughs.

Just a couple of simple tools that would make things very annoying and less productive if I didn’t have them.

Do you have some tiny tools you couldn’t live without?