If You Want To Be Rich, You Have To Know What The Heck It Means

If You Want To Be RichBy losing your goal, you have lost your way.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Do you want to be rich? Awesome… then what’s “rich?” Maybe you just want to be comfortable. Well, do you know what “comfortable” means?

One thing I’ve noticed from working with new and aspiring home-based entrepreneurs is there is often a lack of a financial plan.

Now, I’m not talking anything formal. Projections, balance sheets, all that stuff is great – if you need it. But what I mean is a roadmap of financial goals, that you have every intention of reaching.

Intent, Money, and the Marriage of the Two

“Lots of money” is not a goal. “Well off” is not either. Unless you have specific ideas of what you want regarding your financial situation, it’s going to be difficult to get there.

From my experience, most of us want financial independence, just like most of us want to be happy. The key is identifying clearly what that means to you – then making that intention the focus of your thoughts and effort.

Your mind trusts what you say, and your subconscious does a good job of following your instructions. The problem comes when those instructions aren’t spelled out well enough.

For example, which is easier to understand:

  • I want to be rich, or
  • I want to make $100,000 from my home-based business by August 1st of this year?

The first is amorphous, the second well-defined. It may not be “rich” to you – but it is a clear first step and a distinct goal. To focus your intent, you need a goal.

Goal + Intent + Focus = Success. It’s a simple formula, really.

So define “rich” in your own terms, and then map it out. You don’t want to be lost and wandering aimlessly.

Find your goal, and find your way.