The Life of an Entrepreneur Is Like Picture-In-Picture

On My MindBalance is beautiful.” ~ Miyoko Ohno

I’ve talked about balance before.

It’s crucial to the success of a home-based business.

My friends Ben and Wendy — among others — do a great job of talking about the importance of balance (Wendy’s kitchen picture sums it all up nicely).

Many new entrepreneurs tend to struggle with this a lot. The thing that took me a couple of startups to realize is that balance is not about living two lives.

It’s about focus.

You Can’t Make It Go Away

When you love what you do, and are in the throes of launching a new project, it’s impossible to turn it off. I’ve become more aware of this each time I launch a new venture, and it’s kept me sane through the development of Teaching Sells.

When you’re with your family, playing, watching a move, eating, sleeping, whatever — it’s always there.

That’s not going to change, and that’s okay.

Rather than trying not to think about your work while with your family, for example, you have to shrink the focus of work and embiggen the focus of your family.

Like picture-in-picture, the little picture of your project is there — just smaller and taking up less of your focus.

The same thing happens when you’re working. You’re going to be thinking about your family and the fun they’re having without you.

That’s true balance. Trying to fight to make one leave your brain while you’re focusing on the other just creates more anxiety.

The key is to stay in the moment, focus you what you’re doing right now, and know that the little picture will always be there.

Then you can comfortably swap them, when it’s time to do so.