Free Report Is Now Available

AnnouncementI’m pleased to announce that the free report I mentioned last week is now available for download.

This report outlines the project Brian and I have been working on, and is full of valuable info for those looking for a viable way to make money online.

It covers key aspects of developing a profitable online content business, and capitalizing on your expertise — through stories about:

  • Writing in space
  • Big boss Google
  • The Long “Tale”
  • The value of free — in another content business
  • How a little concert in Manchester changed the music scene forever

We provide it both as an illustrated PDF and as an MP3 audio version.

So go have a look, or a listen:

Teaching Sells Free ReportTeaching Sells – Forget Everything You Know About Making Money Online… And Start Making Some

A Different Approach to Selling Content

Brain CapitalMy advertising post generated some great feedback, both in the comments and through email.

A few people missed the point entirely, but that’s going to happen. You can’t help everyone ;).

Some of you made some great observations, and many had questions. The most common question was “how to capitalize on your content and what you know, rather than going the ads route…”

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Discover Your Idea Honeypot

Idea HoneypotWhere do you get your ideas?

I get asked this a lot, and you probably do to.

The answer is actually quite simple. Ideas are everywhere. Sometimes they seem to appear out of thin air, other times you have to forage for them.

So the question shouldn’t be where do you get your ideas. The question should be how do you lure them in and trap them.

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The Finer Points of Writing Goals

Goal Setting SuccessThis post is part three in the Goal Setting Success series.

The difference between a wish and a goal is that a goal is specific, actionable, and measurable.

Wanting to “make lots of money” is a wish. Committing to making $10,000, by a specific date, doing a specific set of actions is a goal. It’s:

  • Specific – make $10,000
  • Actionable – a specific set of actions
  • Measurable – by a specific date

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